Nigerians blast Buhari for calling Daura his ‘Constituency’


President Muhammadu Buhari while explaining the reason he trekked 800m to his home in Daura, said something that Nigerians will talk about for a while.

According to the president,  he took the walk not to prove his fitness to anyone nor score cheap political points.

He said he came out of the car,  which had tainted glass,  so the people of ‘his constituency’ could see him properly and that’s how he trekked with them.

He wrote:

That statement has sparked anger amongst many Nigerians as they have taken to social media to vent.

According to them,  Nigeria is Buhari’s constituency not Daura. They lambasted the president for his thinking it is OK to claim a particular region as his constituency and not the whole country.

See some reactions below



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