Speed Darlington calls out Falz for being ‘Fake’


It was reported earlier that Nigerian artiste, Falz, met with American rapper and businessman, Diddy

Not everyone was pleased with this news

Nigerian entertainer, Speed Darlington, does not seem too pleased with the news and he made his feelings known on Instagram

Recall that it earlier reported that Nigerian rapper, actor and social commentator, Falz met with American rapper, Diddy in Los Angeles.

However, not everybody is impressed with this meeting.

Comic musician, Speed Darlington, has reacted to the news that Falz was hanging out with international music star, Diddy.

Speedy does not seem too happy at the news and he made his feelings known.

In a now deleted post on Instagram, Speedy explained that Nigerian entertainers are never original and like to copy, seeing as Falz only seems to have taken an interest in Diddy because of him.

Perhaps because he knew the post would generate a lot of reactions, Speed Darlington deleted it from Instagram not long after.

Recall that sometime ago, the American Hip-Hop star posted a video of Falz’s This is Nigeria song on his Instagram page,

showing that the song now has international recognition. Perhaps their meeting has something to do with that.

Also, it might be that they have something in the works, but time will tell.



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