Organized Labour sensitise the public on November 6th impending Strike


Ahead of the November 6th deadline given by the Organized Labour to commence their strike action on the issue of increment of the minimum wage by the Government. 

A peaceful protest was staged Nation wide by the Labour Union to sensitise the general public.

Labour workers were seen matching to the state secretariat Yola, Adamawa State and sharing to passersby reasons for the one day National mobilization and sensitization rally. 

This is an extract from the copy being distributed on the streets of Yola, Adamawa State capital on why the Organised labour will be embarking on strike. Copy of the mobilization and sensitisation rally by the organized labour

See below:

>The machinery and instrument of negotiated National Minimum Wage of 2011 expired over 2 years ago.

>Government did not respect the 5-Year Constitutional Provision for review of

the National Minimum Wage until Labour compelled the Government to doso in 2017.

>The Government side of the Tripartite Committee on New National Minimum
Wage has refused to show consistent spirit of

commitment in fast tracking
the machinery and process of implementing the New National MinimumWage.

>The devaluation of naira has led to an all-time monumental rise in inflation
and Exchange Rates,thereby increasing unbearable cost of

living,goods and
services on the citizenry;even the salaries can no longer take workers home.

>Retirees have died helplessly in their numbers without accessing their pensions and gratuities.

>Nigeria is ranked among the 3 World War-torn Countries as the least paid Minimum Wage Country in the world.

>When the purchasing power of the worker is enhanced businesses thrive,whereas businesses die when the purchasing power of the worker is low orabsent.

>We therefore demand that the Tripartite Committee Report be presented tothe National

Assembly with immediate effect for legislation or face theindefinite National Strike on the 6″ November,2018.

>The Organized Labour therefore called on all Citizens,Civil Society Allies,
lovers of democracy and friends of Labour to join ranks

with the Organized
Labour for this all important National Strike as everybody stand to benefit
from the increase in salaries and wages.

Aluta Continua!  Victoria Aceta!



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