“Next level” scandal: PDP mocks Buhari over Plagiarism


Since the official kick off of campaigns by parties vying for a position in government, there has been punch lines by the major party in Nigeria, the latest of which is the attack by the People’s Democratic Party PDP on the All Progressive Congress for plagiarism on the “Next Level” slogan adopted.

The People’s Democratic Party PDP has accused the All Progressive Congress APC of plagiarism of Rex’s institute slogan and mantra.

Read the excerpt statement released by PDP:

Next Level Scandal: PDP Mocks Buhari Over Plagiarism

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) says the Muhammadu Buhari presidency has again disgraced our nation by stealing

the Rex Institute’s “Next Level” logo and mantra as his 2019 campaign mantra and presenting it to Nigerians as their idea and creation.

This revelation has further confirmed that the Buhari Presidency lacks integrity as a fraud syndicate that thrives on

deception, lies, false performance claims, certificate forgery, corruption while always trying to take credit for the achievement of others.

This shameful plagiarism by the Buhari Presidency has further sunk him into self-inflicted public opprobrium, from which he has not recovered since the demonstration by Nigerians,that he does not have his acclaimed WAEC certificate and had to procure an
attestation, which Nigerians also discovered to be a forged document.

The PDP is however not surprised that President Buhari,in his desperation, can go as low as patronising plagiarism and false credit claims, since it is clear that he lacks the competence to initiate and articulate an original blueprint for leadership; the reason our
nation has been in dire strait in the last three and half years.

A perusal of President Buhari’s 2019 campaign document reveals that apart from the stolen logo and mantra, the document is replete with false claims, spurious projections and unsubstantiated figures in the bid to again beguile Nigerians ahead of the

President Buhari has over time shown that he cannot be trusted. He heads the
most corrupt administration in the history of our nation.

The PDP charges President Buhari to immediately show remorse, apologize to Nigerians and prepare to accept defeat as the people are not ready to vote for any leader that has demonstrated a proclivity for falsehood, forgery and incompetence in governance.

Kola Ologbondiyan National Publicity Secretary



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