Offset crashes Cardi B performance asking for forgiveness


For the latest stop on Offset ’s apology tour, he took things up a notch.  Last night, he crashed Cardi B’s performance at Rolling Loud and pleaded for her to take him back in front of  thousands of concertgoers.

As he asked for forgiveness, flower arrangements that read “TAKE ME BACK CARDI” served as a backdrop.

“I just want to tell you I’m sorry,” the Atlanta rapper said to his wife. “You’re my best friend in the world. Whatever I got to do to show I love you, I’ll do.”

The crowd booed as he begged and Cardi was more than pissed about him interrupting her set.

In the clips that have spread all over the internet, we can’t hear what Cardi is saying but by the looks of her face and

the way she was talking with her hands, this attempt to win back her love didn’t work.

A few days ago, Offset also posted an Instagram video saying the only thing he wanted for his birthday was for his wife

to come back to him.  He admitted to being unfaithful as well as being a “selfish, messed up husband.”

The “Taki Taki ” rapper told the world that she and Offset “grew out of love” and were no longer together two weeks ago via Instagram.

Since then, many celebs have been hoping that the former lovebirds reconcile, including 50 Cent, The Game, T.I and Lil’ Mo.

Check out the moment Offset showed up:



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