Unveiling The Man behind the acquisition of Otedola ‘s shares


After Femi Otedola ‘s decision to sell off his shares with Forte Oil to the Managing Director of Prudent Energy Alhaji Wasiu Sowami. We have moved to unveil the man behind mask acquiring the Multi-Billion company.

It is often said that too much money destroys character, corrupts virtue, dishevels morals and feeds the vanities of its random possessors.

Thus too many possessors of the legal tender have been found to lose their humanity and souls to its enthralling caprices and vile.

But Alhaji Wasiu Sowami, the new moneyman, is remarkably different.

Until recently, Wasiu’s name hardly rang a bell. But he is as powerful and prosperous as they come.

The Managing Director (MD) of Prudent Energy is immune to the wiles and ravages of money.

Unlike too many of his peer that have fallen to money’s devious charms, Wasiu who recently bought over Forte Oil

owned by billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, is invulnerable to the terrifying charms of the legal tender.

Despite his intimidating wealth and stature, Wasiu is hardly goaded to believe himself capable of feats otherwise unachievable if he were of modest means.

The billionaire magnate who lives a life of modesty does not subscribe to the usual vanities that eventually consumes his fellow deep pockets in the circuits of the filthy rich.

Even though his company recently bought Forte Oil, Wasiu shies from living out loud, he lives in Agbalajobi Estate, Ogba area of Lagos State.

Notwithstanding, everybody is talking about him. Close friends, family, business associates and even casual acquaintances believe Wasiu has arrived.

They believe that it is only a matter of time before he yields to the charm and grandeur of money.

When he does, he will join his peer in the mad dash for private jets, luxury yacht and apartments in posh locations across the world.

They believe that the oil mogul will discard his garment of modesty very soon but sources close to him argue that no amount of money could make him lose his towering modesty and grace.

Wasiu they argued, understands that it takes a steel heart and keen will to make money, and a great deal of character and wisdom to tame it.

This is why he has never fallen to the lure and caprices of money. Having seen too many people and nations become whores in their feverish pursuit of

money, Sowami, an Alumnus of the University of Maiduguri, and a Master’s degree holder in Corporate Governance from Leeds Becket University, decided

very early in life to live like a master to money. This is why he is never enslaved to riches. More on him soon.

However, Forte Oil disclosed on Monday the divestment by its majority shareholder in a notice signed by its General Counsel, Mr Akinleye Olagbende.

The notice read in part, “Forte Oil Plc hereby notifies the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Securities and Exchange Commission, shareholders and the

investing community that its majority shareholder, Mr Femi Otedola, has reached an agreement with the Prudent Energy team, investing through Ignite

Investments and Commodities Limited, to divest of his full 75 per cent direct and indirect shareholding in the company’s downstream business.

“Mr Otedola’s divestment from the downstream business is pursuant to his decision to explore and maximise business opportunities in refining and petrochemicals.



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