Gladson: The need to spread the good Music from the North to the World


In a recent conversation between our correspondents and one of Nigeria’s finest music act who is from the north side of nigeria, He poured out his all on his Music career and a little bit of personal info.

The Artiste we are featuring today is known as Gladson Ishaya popularly known by his Stage name is Gladson who is a graduate of Geology from Afe Babalola University. Who spoke on the need to spread the music from the north side to the world


I love singing, playing and watching football, interested in politics and governance

Speaking on when he started music as a career, Gladson said he started music when he was in secondary school, SS 1 to be precise, and recorded his first song in

ss2 and during the time he formed a group which he called Rock Boy Nation (RBN) which currently has about 5 top  individuals in the group.

Ever since, RBN have recorded quite a number of songs, but lately they have been doing solo projects, I mean every artiste has a number of singles to his name.


I have done records for weddings and events, I have a song with Lord BenLee (one of Nigeria’s finest gospel act)  titled “our father” I have quite a number of airplays to my name.

I initially wanted to do an album but I had to wait up till I’m done with NYSC service. I brought up artistes and support them, give them the push they needed,

notably among them is Frisson, who is currently making waves in the industry and is set to drop his EP in few days (19/1/2019)  from now.

My cover of Gil & Nkay’s far and wide has received massive airplays and commendations from people, the song was produced by Joerex.

It was released last year. It was my latest work till now. I’m currently working on a new song with Joerex which would be released by the end of the month.

It is believed that every Song made should pass a message and must have been gotten through inspiration which forms the bedrock of every song, Gladson sure does have his inspiration which he revealed as;

“I get my inspirations from listening to music or motivational speeches”


“The major challenge has to be funds. Making music is an expensive venture and if you really want to get quality and value added work on your song, then you must pay a substantial amount for that. But we are still pushing on, hopefully we can do better

and a challengimg aspect of the hustle is promotion, its not just about making good music, but once you don’t have the right promotional concepts and platform, you end up not getting anything out of your good music”.

Gladson also used the opportunity to pass some words of advice to other upcoming and established artistes saying:

“My advice to upcoming and even established artistes, especially we from the north, we should export our sound to the south….

Right now we have phyno and zorro who are igbo indigenous rappers, we have Olamide, reminisce etc are Yoruba indigenous rappers, but who can you point out as a northern hausa rapper?

The likes of morell, b. O. C and kengs are trying but there’s no support up north to push their craft. As a music artiste, you should learn how to play atleast one instrument…

Lastly if you’re an upcoming artiste, try as much as you can to get a mentor.”



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