“Hardwork always pays” The story of Lil Dozo


It seems we never get tired of featuring top rated artistes from across the country and the Big one we caught is called Kama mapida but the world knows Dozo (lil dozo).

Lil Dozo gave us a brief run down on his personal self he stated thus:

“Alright briefly am from Adamawa state Nigeria, Hong local government, kilba by tribe. I was born and brought up in Jos, Nigerian Airforce base,attended Airforce primary school Jos before going to command secondary school also in

Jos and now a final year student of Moddibo Adama University of Technology Yola, from the department of management technology”.

Speaking on his adventure on his musical career he said; “Music has been something I can say I grew up in.

My Dad ‘much respect’ has been a great influence in my life,he loves music so much so I listened to a lot of music growing up, my family in general loves music but I officially took as a career 2012,I can say jos is blessed because

when you look around you young talents everywhere who motivates you to bring out your true self.

He also stated that his first track was titled ‘I WILL’ which he did with his  friends ‘Joni Jay’ and producer ‘Young’ of YDIE media on it”.

Speaking of his magnificent work he has done so far so good he said he started working with a label in yola in 2014.

“when I went there to school,we put out a lot of work singles like ‘LOOK AROUND’, BADMAN TIN, I DEY PRAY’ and ‘AGAIN’ of which I had then label mates ‘D GENERAL‘ and ‘JOEVAN‘ respectively on it,and in 2015

Also had other works such as Mama and Golden Generation 

we had ‘J2J'(JOS TO JIMETA) a mixtape collabo album I made with a friend ELKAY and since then alot has happened Label issues and all that but it never stopped the good music from coming and a lot of collaborations till date”

When asked if he was currently working on anything he said:

“Yeah a lot I have been working on my Extended Play (EP) ‘MONEY MAKING MOVES for a while now which features a lot of talents cutting across the north,its a huge project of which I worked with a lot of good producers

such as ‘ROYALTEE’,’TINOSAX ,’YOUNG’ to be precise. I will be dishing out a piece from the project ONLY YOU”

And giving his own piece of advice to his colleagues he said;

“Hard work forever pays,its one thing to have a talent and it’s another to handle and build it,the road is never easy we just have to put away all the negative vibes and bad energy away to move further and also stay true to your game and be prayerful”


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